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The Gospel of Matthew was primarily for the Jews. He was explaining Old Testament promises of the Messiah fulfilled in Jesus Christ. 32 Lessons See Menu

A Message of Hope, Peace & Love – This book confuses or scares most people. Just like a scary movie or mystery movie, once you see the whole story, the big scare or twist is gone. It also shows us that God has a master plan. 22 Lessons See Menu

The book Job suffered he was blameless why did God let this happen? The Lord Gives and Takes Away God loves us, He is in control, and He has a plan for your life. 16 Lessons See Menu

The word Genesis in Hebrew means “beginning.” Genesis, we find the beginning of the creation, and then the beginning of the life forms within the universe, the beginning of man, the beginning of sin and death. 15 Lessons See Menu

Topical Messages
This page has my first public speaking message:
“How the Christian Life is like a 5K Race” spoken Nov 10th, 2006 @ Life Coast Church. See Menu